The best types of toys for cats

Do you know what toys your cat will like? The type of toys that suit your pet best depends mostly on their temperament. The majority of cat toys aim to engage their natural instincts: chasing, scratching, and climbing. Your cat may like one of these activities more than the others or they may equally enjoy a variety of kinds of toys.

The best recommendation will me not buying too many toys until you already know your cat’s preferences.

Balls: Some cats just like dogs love chasing balls and batting them. You could try a regular ball, one with a bell inside or a motorized ball. In fact, your cat will even like a crumpled paper ball.

Toy mice/ hunting toys: Cats are predators and toys that excite their prey drive can keep them amused for a long time. So, hunting toys are a really good idea.

Wands/fishing pole/feather toys: Toys like this will encourage your cat to stalk and jump. Just ensure that any toys that include string are only used under your supervision, and are safely stored after playtime, to avoid accidental swallowing.

Laser pointer: They can be inexpensive and effort-free way to give your cat a good workout. Just ensure you get one that is totally safe for animals.

Cat tunnel: Every cat owner knows how much cats LOVE enclosed and tight spaces. It makes them feel comfortable, safe, and warm. But imagine a tight space where they can play! It’s a literal cat dream.

Climbing toys: Cat trees give your cat something to climb as well as places to nap. Cats enjoy having high surfaces to perch on.

Scratching posts: Scratching is a natural instinct that helps cats to stretch, exercise back and shoulder muscles, and express happiness. It also helps to keep their nails trimmed.

Catnip toys: Some cats love catnip. It’s fairly easy to find toys infused with it.

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