Some Tips of Proper Cat Grooming

Cats are known for their personal hygiene and general cleanliness. But their hair requires additional care from their owners. Cats spend 3-4 hours daily licking their fur coat, but still they cannot always completely remove all the dirt. In this article, CatsAce Shop will tell you how to care for cat hair, depending on its length and density.

A pet should be brushed daily for 15-20 minutes. If you skip this procedure, the cat will not only become covered with tangles, but will also eat its fur: when pets lick themselves, they swallow the hairs. Hairs accumulate in the stomach, which provokes lack of appetite and vomiting.

To comb a long-haired cat, you will need the following tools:

  • A comb with rare teeth;
  • A brush with frequent teeth;
  • A grooming glove;
  • scissors.

First, stroke the cat’s hair against growth in order to collect dead hairs with a glove, for example, with this Red Grooming Glove or Pet Anti-Shedding Gloves.

Then comb the fur with a rare comb in the direction of hair growth. Pay special attention to the area behind the ears and hind legs. Then use a Pet Massage Shell Brush or a Comb For Cats & Dogs.

Some Tips of Proper Cat Grooming

If you find a tangle, try to untwine it. In case of failure, take small scissors and cut it off carefully. Then you need to go through again with a frequent comb to smooth the coat and make it more shiny.

To make the mats easier to unravel, you can apply a special detangler spray that removes static electricity, makes the fur smoother and less tangled.

During the molting period, it is better to brush your furry friend twice a day. So you remove dead hairs and help new ones grow faster.

Here on you can find all necessary products for cats grooming. Keep your four-legged buddy happy, healthy and good-looking!

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