Some ideas how to play with your cat

There is no denying that cats are quite independent and can entertain themselves without your help. However, you should not underestimate the power of play. Cats, no less than dogs, need play sessions to engage their minds and to have good exercise in order to avoid health issues. All cat owners know that cats enjoy playing with a mouse now and then, but those stuffed toys are still not the same as playing with a human. If you want to shake things up, this blog will give you a couple of tips how to play with your cat.

  1. Play hide-and-seek.

Hide one of your cat’s toys under a blanket and watch the fluffy one to find it. Try attaching the toy to a string to have even more fun.

  1. Sing with your cat

When the cat meows, try to respond with the same sound. It will most likely meow back. Keep echoing the cat.

  1. Teach your cat tricks

Not only dogs can learn tricks Get some treats ready, let the cat sniff them, and issue a command. If your cat does what it is asked, give a treat. If the cat stays interested, try to get your cat to do the trick many times to learn it.

  1. Give your cat an empty box.

If you are a cat owner with experience, you know that any cat prefers a box to any toy bought for them. Open up a box and watch. You can also place a ball inside for her to bat around.

  1. Blow bubbles

Cats enjoy bubbles no less than people do. Take your cat outside in an enclosed area and blow bubbles for the cat to chase using (make sure that the solution is not toxic). Your cat will have fun trying to catch the bubbles.

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