How to travel with your cat

When planning to set on a journey, many people can’t imagine leaving their cat behind, because they consider them members of their family. But typically they believe that traveling with a cat is next to impossible. However, we have good news for you. With the right planning, your cat can join in. In this blog, we will share some dos and don’ts with you that will help you to make a journey with your cat fun and easy.

  1. Secure the pet with a carrier

First and foremost, your cat needs a carrier. When cats are frightened, they try to squeeze themselves in tight and small spaces. They can do it under the seat or under pedals, and that is actually the last thing you want when you travel. So, a carrier is the best solution.

  1. Do not leave your cat in a hot car

Cats do not sweat like people do. If the temperature outside is high, a cat should not be left in a car. Even on a cool day, make sure your cat secure in their carrier.

  1. Consult the vet

Some cats cannot cope with the stress of traveling. Talk to a vet about  anxiety medication fit for your cat. He or she can also offer helpful advice to calm down the pet.

  1. Do not forget about cleaning supplies

Accidents happen, and that is not the reason to get upset. Before starting off on a journey, remember to pack rags, napkins, and other cleaning supplies. When nervous, some cats will mark their territory.

  1. Take your cat’s litter box

Your cat will naturally need to use the restroom, so do not forget to take its litter box. Your cat can smell if a litter box is their own, and this is where they’ll relieve themselves.

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