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CATS ACE was formed in 2021 to bring you the most fashionable and useful products at the best prices fur real. Choose accessories for your furry friends and make their life more beautiful and enjoyable without burdening your pocket. How It All Started CATS ACE was founded by Melanie, whose love for her cats Cupidon and Shadow and her daughter Callie inspired her to create an online store with the most purr-fect and cat-chy products. Cupidon and Shadow are brother and sister whose mother was saved by Melanie’s sister while pregnant with this amazing duo. We’re Not Kitten Around All new items are scanned, put to the test, and reviewed by Shadow and Cupidon, CATS ACE’s ambassadors.

About Shadow and Cupidon

Shadow, The Paw-some With her fearless and extremely curious disposition, this tiny tortoise black one is eager to try every new product first because she loves challenges. We know that the item is a keeper whenever she purrs, so we proudly add it to our collection. Cupidon, The Purr-fessor. This big white and grey guy is a bit hesitant at first and a little shy, but he is always loving, playful, and curious. He lets his sister try all new items first while watching and assessing the situation. He then determines if it’s the purr-fect addition to our selection. You can follow the duo on instagram @shadow_cupidon . It’s Meow Or Never Find everything your pet needs at a great price, with fast US shipping, a 14-day refund guarantee, and the friendliest customer service.

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